Project Design: Backpacks

I've recently rediscovered my backpack. While I have a ton of adorable totes, none of them organized and carry my stuff as well as my backpack or computer bag. However, my computer bag is a messenger style so it puts all the weight on one side. That was hurting my back and was actually much bulkier and heavier than my backpack. It's been serving me well, but it's hardly the most stylish way to carry things. Which of these backpacks would you switch to as a stylish alternative?

Bustle Backpack by MeSewCrazy1

Turquoise Backpack by BagDoRi

Canvas Drawstring Backpack by BarnacleBags

Convertible Backpack/Shoulder Bag /Satchel by LeatherFun

Chic Style Leather Backpack by studio731

Leather Structured Backpack by BeisLeather

Ombre Canvas and Leather City Backpack by Mclovebuddy


Jael Paris said…
That's funny that the messenger bag gives you back problems. I have that problem with backpacks.
Jennifer Wells said…
Back packs are great. I love having my hands free! And they make me feel that every day is an adventure.

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