Ponytail Alternatives

I've written before about my love of sleek ponytails both high and low. I still love them, but I'm worried that wearing ponytails everyday is becoming samey and leaving a band dent in my hair. My hair's been awesome lately (totally bragging), but it's too hot still to wear it down. Need some new ideas for casual work hair.

Source: weheartit.com

Source: weheartit.com


Anonymous said…
I wanted to post suggestions, then realized that what you already have is way better.

Having my hair down drives me nuts. I want it out of my face. As a compromise, sometimes I will use a pretty headscarf, held in place with hair pins. Or sometimes I will twist a section back and out of my face.

You and Becca inspire me to look nice. Thank you.

Hair Removal said…
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