Pick of the Week: Prada-esque Flame Shoes

When Prada sent a car-themed show down the runway, I fell in love with the accessories, especially the shoes. I'm from the Metro-Detroit area, the Motor City, and I've worked as an automotive writer in the past. I adore cars. And I adored these flame shoes, which originally came with a $1,100 price tag. My brother has cars that cost less than that. In fact, the current bargain clearance price tag of $495 is still more than some of my brother's cars have cost.

Jael recently found this adorable pair of flame wedges at Modcloth.com. They aren't as fierce or dramatic as the Prada version, but I think they are actually cuter and more versatile. I can see pairing these with everything from skinny jeans to a sun dress. Modcloth is selling the red version pictured left for $49.99. I found the same shoes in red, blue and black for $22 at Urbanog.com (an online shop I'm unfamiliar with).

The only bummer about these shoes is that they don't come in my size. If they had an 11, I'd have to rush order these so they'd be here in time for the Woodward Dream Cruise this weekend.


Anonymous said…
Oh, I love these!


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