Summer Sale

We advocate stalking. I will often post $200 dresses not because I'd rush out to spend that sort of money on a dress, but because I like the design enough that I'll wait for it to go on sale. When it hits a magic number, then I'll buy it. With fall stock arriving in the stores, they need to slash and burn prices on remaining summer merchandise. It's a stalker's paradise. Here's everything you need for summer 2013 from cotton dresses and gauzy skirts to retro swimsuits and linen pants. Many of these items are still in stock in all sizes so they may drop in price even further as sizes sell out.

Summer Dresses on Sale

Beach and Bottoms Sale


Christine Rosko said…
I love love love end of summer sales. I always shop in between "store seasons" because it's the best prices you can get.

I'm having a giveaway over at my blog so stop by and enter if you get a chance!
Gina said…
These are some really great outfits! I love them.

I'm a new follower, so if you would like, check out my blog! It would mean a lot. :) Thanks!

~ Gina

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