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This Week in Your Opinion: We want to know what you would pay for this umbrella, what you think of these scream-worthy shoes, what you thought the outcome of the Project Runway hardware challenge would be and what you thought of the actual outcome.

This Week in Our Opinion: Jael Paris dresses the Oscar Nominees. We're saving our pennies and birthday money for Gaultier's Target collection. We like the laid-back style of this dress. We're coveting these quirky accessories from SWANclothing on Etsy. Jael share's her process for creating the $150 challenge outfits. We've been anticipating the stunning visuals in Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.

London Fashion Week:

Milan Fashion Week (so far):


Danielle said…
I just caught up on my news reader and read through every single one of your Fashion Week posts. All I can say is BRAVO. You covered EVERYTHING, and I absolutely loved your take. The work you put into these posts is staggering. Applause! Applause! You guys rock.
becca said…
Thanks Danielle!
Anonymous said…
good thing, thanks!

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