$150 Challenge: The Process

Each $150 Challenge has a different start. Sometimes it's an event. Sometimes a particular item presents itself as a style challenge. Sometimes I even give myself the extra limitation to use or not use certain stores. This week I started with an image that I almost couldn't fit in the picture.

The sketch of a semi-Victorian in the corner has been sitting in my image file for a while, and she wanted her own outfit. The image set the color palette, a muted garden tone. Originally I looked for a cream lace dress, but the floral bubble dress is even better. Because the dress was colorful, the cardigan ended up being my neutral. This cardigan demanded to be involved, so I complied. I waffled on beige, pink or green shoes, eventually settling for the pea soup flats. Target usually carries bags in the same shade as their shoes, but I didn't like the shapes of the green ones. This ivory one was the most romantic of the everyday purses. Several of the items were cheap or on sale, so I had plenty of money left over for some impact jewelry. Whenever that happens, Anthropologie gets thrown into the mix. A drugstore French manicure gives the outfit a certain polish. Add some graphics for atmosphere, and there you have this week's $150 Challenge.
floral bubble dress, Forever 21 $27.80


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