London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Mark Fast
What it made us think of: Knitwear discovered on arctic alien warrior races from the future.
What we liked: Monochromatic styling, shoulders, breastplate looks done with knitwear, variety of sizing among the models(!)
What we didn't: How difficult it looks to wear these stunning pieces
Who: Mary Katrantzou
What it made us think of: McQueen--with the prints, new silhouettes, and sense of humor (see adornments on middle row right). This young designer made a leap in growth this season that left me wanting more and highly anticipating her next collection.
What we liked: Everything
What we didn't:
Who: Nathan Jenden
What it made us think of: The 80s gone wild. (The designer was imagining "church ladies in the jungle.")
What we liked: use of black, white and navy; mix of menswear and feminine style; color-block suits; pops of bright colors; volume
What we didn't: Some of it already looks dated.
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