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Friday, March 5, 2010

Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Roberto Cavalli
What it made us think of: Treasure (and animal pelt) soaked pirate rock stars from the 1970s
What we liked: brocade, flowing dresses
What we didn't: sheer pants, open-toe boots
Who: Just Cavalli
What it made us think of: The high society offspring of above pirate rock stars
What we liked: Brocade, plaid, leather jackets, frills, school-girl pleats, bright leggings/tights
What we didn't: Sometimes there was too much going on to know where to look
Who: Gucci
What it made us think of: The daywear showed effortless, classic, timeless style
What we liked: suits, boots, glasses, leather
What we didn't: furry/hairy arms, much of evening wear
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gaby b said...

i love the 'what it made us think of' trends/styles!

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fashion geek said...

love the gucci picks :D

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