Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Bottega Veneta
What it made us think of: I had a great idea for a science project once, but I procrastinated until I had to fake all my results in one weekend. Spottiness and inconsistency bore me a B-.

Forget what I liked and didn't like. Usually I love Bottega (their bags especially), but this show embodied everything that is wrong with this current fashion season. It's very safe. It's clothes, nothing more. At least with this show there was a concept aside from "I was thinking of that cool girl in New York," but the rich territory of beetles only appeared in color (then disappeared), jewelry, and a few very cool carapaces. We were then presented with a selection of lazy jersey dresses, sheer vaguely retro numbers, pants, and blazers, none of which were any more distinct than what other struggling-to-survive-in-this-economy designers have shown for fall. You want to come out the other end of this depression swinging? Stop offering us $400 t-shirt dresses and craft for us some dreams.Who: Etro
What it made us think of: An inspirational trip from Marrakesh to Cairo.
What we liked: prints, Cleopatra collars, shoes, excellent use of animal prints, military, adventure, sexy and beautiful gowns, chic suits. This collection is a lesson in recession design: wearable, fresh and classy.

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Fanya said…
hmm, I've never paid attention to Bottega Veneta, but really, give me those green sandal heels and all else is forgiven. I'm in love with the green heels, the tough/shiny texture and the shades of green...they reminds me of dragons, and I love dragons...In absence of real dragons, those green shoes will do. =P
Unknown said…
Cool Fashion Trends that you have on your blog.

Andy Nathan

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