London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Christopher Kane
What it made us think of: Your goth neighbor's May Day party.
What we liked: gladiator ballerina shoes, beautiful embroidery, leather and lace
What we didn't: I usually love Kane's work, but after so many seasons, I couldn't really tell you what the designer's aesthetic is.
Who: Marios Schwab
What it made us think of: Abstract wenches
What we liked: fun necklines, upholstery patterns, corset lacing
What we didn't: Much of this wouldn't work on a woman with breasts.
Who: David Koma
What it made us think of: Charlie Brown's ubiquitous sweater.
What we liked: Holy puppies! A designer with a clear vision carried through an entire show! Simple, but playful. Edgy but wearable.
Image source: and nymag


Fanya said…
I like David Koma but

I like Christopher Kane even more, mostly because the cut and the details appealed to my Chinese heritage. If some of the base color is red, blue or pink instead of black, I would drool.

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