A Look Back At McQueen

We're still reeling from the news that our beloved favorite designer has passed away. If you've read Fashion Me Fabulous for any length of time, you'll know he was our favorite--the only designer to get his own post during fashion week--the only designer we ran around the country (I hobbled more than ran. Even a sprained ankle couldn't keep me from McQueen) to tons of Target stores looking for his pieces--perhaps the only designer whose death could make us both cry.

As we look back through our posts featuring McQueen, it is obvious we admired the work of this creative, rogue designer. We dreamed of a Target diffusion line and waited anxiously for first looks and more information about the first McQueen pieces we'd see in our price range. We spent time wondering who wore his creations better on the red carpet and wishing more stars would wear his works more often. Even when it produces things we don't understand, we love McQueen's sense of humor. We, along with the rest of the fashion world, are constantly inspired by his shows and seek to incorporate elements like posh hats, chandelier earrings, white tights, houndstooth and leather armor in a McQueen-like fashion. We even had the privilege of giving away a McQ by Alexander McQueen dress and styling it many different ways on Polyvore.
becca and Jael Paris in their beloved McQueen dresses from the Target Collection

Here are the McQueen fashion shows we've covered:
Spring/Summer 2009
Fall/Winter 2009
Spring/Summer 2010
Menswear Fall/Winter 2010 (From our brother blog, Bloke).

Watch for more McQueen memorial posts next week as we continue to process this devastating loss for the world of fashion.


Jael Paris said…
I wore that dress to work yesterday. Everyone wanted to know why I was so dressed up. (It's dusty at work.) They liked the humor of the tattoo print on such a traditional shape.
Fanya said…
It's such a tragedy, and he's sort of at top of his career too... =(

From all the rumors, I always felt like he might be a bit too out-there for me. But I went through all his collections since 2003, and surprisingly there are a lot I like. I posted those on my blog, which has a grand total of 3 posts, lol.

Do you ever ran out of topics to write about?

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