I Have McQueen. Target is Redeemed.

Earlier today I posted a rant about not finding McQueen's New Target line. After visiting two Targets and calling a bunch, I returned home defeated. However, my totally awesome Mom found a locator on the website that helped me find Target that already have McQueen. (I'm assuming more Targets will be added as they get the collection). There was one about a half hour away. It was a bit of a drive, but totally worth it. By the time I got there a lot of was already gone, but most of what I wanted was left in my size. (Several Targets I talked to said they could get stuff by the weekend too).

Overall the collection is fun, but the Junior sizing creates a problem. I like the jackets, but the fit could have been better. (Excuse the quality of the dressing room photos and the ankle brace. Both were unavoidable.) The trench coat is very cool, but it lacks a good enough fit for $79.99. The denim jacket is awesome, but I think I need one size smaller in it. I also like it much better open than all zipped up.

This tank top is really fun. That middle strap is adjustable so the bunching can be controlled for different looks. I also love the high-waist skirt, which I now own. Sorry I didn't get a better picture of it. This dress has major potential and does look cuter in person than this picture shows. However, the material is thinner than most nightgowns. Any breeze or any extra morsel of food will be an issue.

This is the crazy stuff that I won't buy, but had fun trying on. The first outfit is the tiger print dress with the zig zag leggings. It makes me dizzy. Ha! Next is the jumpsuit. Yep, I actually tried it on (shudder). If you have any hint of curves, please avoid this. The shirt dress, which also comes in black, is very cute and comfy. If it's still around when I can afford it, I want it.

I really want this Tattoo dress, but it was sold out in my size at the store (this dress in the picture involves a magic trick). It's cute though, and the belt wraps around several times, which means it can be used for lots of outfits. The Zig Zag dress is fun, but the layer under the zig zag part has no room for hips. I can't move it.

I also bought this mesh cardigan, but that picture didn't come out at all. Overall, I like the collection, and I'm a totally geeked to own clothing designed by Alexander McQueen!!! However, I wish the collection had been misses sizes rather than juniors since teens can easily wear standard sizes, but the rest of us have trouble wearing teen sizes. I wish a really great, work-friendly day dress had been in the collection. I wish it wasn't a limited release. And, I wish Target would have kept the costs a little lower.

So, Target, to fully redeem yourself, do another collaboration with McQueen and make all my wishes come true. Thanks.


Anonymous said…
I love the denim jacket. I keep ogling it, and the tattoo dress. Do you think the mesh cardigan is more casual, or would it work for business casual?
Jael Paris said…
I'm getting the denim jacket and tattoo dress. The cardigan and harness dress are up in the air.
tractordog said…
you got the 2 best pieces! I agree, the denim jacket is perfect.
Rachel said…
There's my pretty roomie! I like the skirt you bought and the denim jacket. Fun!
NadiaThinks said…
ah! your store had the trench! I love that piece!

totally love the beige & black dress. Doesn't it just fit fabulously?!

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