Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2009

Did you honestly think I would not be giving my favorite designer his very own post? Consider it impressive that I'm not posting all the images.

Alexander McQueen's show contained his typical exaggerated hips, slim pants, and hints of armor. Rainbow colored kaleidescope prints recalled the designer's highly successful Spring Summer 2008 bird-based collection, the stiff, dark dresses reminded me of his Egypt and witchcraft show from Fall Winter 2007, and the floral vines on mesh his SS07 ghoulish garden. While certain elements seemed familiar, they were presented in a fresh way, making the show distinctively McQueen and progressively, who was there and read the program notes, said the collection is based on Charles Darwin and the progression from the natural to the industrial. I like to read it as The Garden of Eden as told by British graphic novelist Neil Gaiman. (The Garden of Eden and the environmental view McQueen is referencing here are essentially the same story with the Industrial Revolution replacing the Tree of Knowledge. These little blurbs are going to keep coming as I read about story structure and symbolism.)

All was bright and happy in the garden. The flowers bloomed and the wood nymphs played. (See Gaiman reference.) People were unaware of their nakedness. They were pure in all ways.The tempter dressed as a haute couture snake and brought death, disguised as light, to the former innocents.Darkness and despair descended on the formerly sunny garden. The world of ease was now a hard, fractured world.

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Unknown said…
wow. that's a pretty interesting concept he has going on there. well executed, too.
Unknown said…
He is still a genius!
Fabulous concept!
Delicious collection!

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