The Horror: Alexander McQueen

Dear Alexander McQueen,

No doubt you, as a devout reader of Fashion Me Fabulous, know that we love you. You have a twisted sense of humor; so do we. You strive for art in clothing; we appreciate the pretty pictures that come from it. You hate Paris Hilton; we have wished she'd just disappear.

We have a theory that sometimes your commercial clothing, especially the pricing, is an elaborate joke on the rich. Will they spend $260 on a scarf just because it's a skull print from the son of a London cabbie? It appears they will. Will they spend over $1000 on a silk sweater with a dog on it, (a sweater that reminds me of nothing so much as the girl from Drop Dead Gorgeous who thinks barking is a beauty pageant talent), just because you've signed it? I don't know, but I do know that thing is tacky.


WickedThrifty said…
i am not even sure what to say about this. i often think that designers get away with the most hideous crap just because it's expensive. but how do they do it? bizarrely lemming-like women without a thought in their brain are there to snap the crap up :P
Robin said…
Just think of all the happy grandmas out there who get to be fashionable now!
Unknown said…
Oh my. I wouldn't even wear that if it was free. I'm sure some people will still buy it though simply because it is name brand.
BekkaPoo said…
Kitsch is kitsch even if McQueen does it. But then again, some people will buy anything just because "it's designer".

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