Love or Loathe: White Tights

White tights have always been the territory of old school nurses and ruffle-butted children, neither of which I care to emulate. But maybe I pushed them aside too easily. I was recently reviewing Alexander McQueen's Fall/Winter 2008 show, and he used opaque white tights to marvelous effect. While I still wouldn't wear them come spring, I'm starting to warm to the idea of white tights for a winter wonderland look. Ice blue dress, fuzzy white coat, white knit hat and scarf, and if you're really queen of the snow fort -- a muff. (I always wanted a muff when I was a kid.) Would you consider wearing white tights or are they still too health professional?


Anonymous said…
I love tights, but white? I think you'd have to put an outfit together specifically to wear them, and thats way too much work for simple tights. That and you have to have skinny legs, otherwise you'll look disturbing. I wouldn't wear them, personally. But kudos to those who can pull it off!
Kira Aderne said…
I love white tights too!
it is very romantic!
tractordog said…
That photo is fabulous! Many of my outfits are hit or miss...not afraid to look ridiculous at I'd definitely give em a whirl! I agree, very romantic...did Alice in Wonderland wear white tights?
I think white tights are classic. It's so sexy and classical, that matches not only smart outfit - even casual. That's why I love 'em!
Rachel said…
Yeah, I think if you went for a wintery look and wore them with lots of white or icy colors you'd be fine. It'd be tricky though.
Kasmira said…
I wore white tights once. I liked how it turned out, but other people were less kind with their comments. Maybe they are another fringe fashion that will become mainstream.

Me in white tights:

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