Leather Armor

Most people who would think of shopping at a Renaissance fair are going for corsets, but they are also wonderful places to look for leather goods. The leather workers at these fairs have been in the business for years and many will custom fit and design belts, purses, shoes and accessories for you. Personally, I'd love some gauntlets for my legs, forearms or shoulders. I think they'd be loads of fun with a simple dress and plain shoes. Macabre me likes the idea of armor with an otherwise delicate outfit.
Runways have played considerably with armor and shell-like leathers. l-r: Dolce & Gabbana FW2007, Christian Dior Haute Couture 2006, Alexander McQueen FW2007. Image source style.com.

Renaissance Fashions makes their goods in a range of colors, and if you can get to somewhere they're showing, they'll fit you for your item (recommended if you're looking at one of their steel boned corsets). Whole outfits are made in modular parts, so you can buy a bit of what you like as opposed to the whole look. The Armored Fairy below is $2000 including the wings, but the bra, corset, skirt, and gauntlets can all be purchased separately.
Below is, Don Stowell, the very friendly owner of Pyramid Leathers. He makes masks, belts and a large range of armor. I was particularly enamored with the purple leg pieces, which wikipedia tells me are greaves. (Is wiki right, Roomie, or have I fallen pray to the stupid?) They struck me as sleek instead of densely gothic. Those were $150 for the pair. Jointed pieces cost more, and smaller pieces were, of course, less. If you're interested in having Pyramid Leathers do some work for you, you can email Don at pyramidleather@myspace.com.


Rachel said…
I reeeeeally wanted some custom made boots when I saw them at the Ohio Renaissance festival last week, but I can't really afford them. :(

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