This Week & The Last Two On Fashion Me Fabulous

...and lips like blood...

Sound Off: Crying space unicorns are not pants. You shouldn't chop off the feet of Moopets to make $1300 shoes. Also, what do you think of these sweater leggings?

Gifts: Give the latest fashion reads. Grab fashionable gifts that cost under $20. Pashmina scarves from Etsy come in every color to suit any style. Get geeky with fashionable tech gifts or these nerdy hats on Etsy

Fall Fashion: We're wrapping up our fall fashion posts with unexpected fall colors, cozy fall and school marm themed $150 challenge, and our pick of nail polish color of the season.

Stay Warm: As the cold winds of winter begin to blow, keep cozy with winter coats, cute hats and boots under $100.

Picks and Reviews: We love this striped cardigan and these layering tanks from Target. Also, check our reviews of Project Runway All Star's interactive and androgyny challenges. 


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