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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hat Are Cute

Again I say, hats are cute. We should all wear them this winter. Then we can start an avant garde rock band called Jaunty Chapeaus. I call dibs on xylophone.
Top: ear-flap sweater hat, Target $28
color block beret, ASOS $30
grey confetti pom cap, Mod Cloth $25
beaded beret, Mod Cloth $33
Bottom: yellow knit cap with bill, Target $12
striped turban, Mod cloth $30
faux far Coassack hat, ASOS $25 (sale)
color block faux fur hat, ASOS $32


Anonymous said...

You'll call xylophone over my dead body!


becca said...

I call the keytar (and maybe that striped turban).

Jael Paris said...

Nora, you can have the gourd with beads on it. The hurdy-gurdy is also up for grabs.