Favs to Give or Receive: Gifts Under $20

I love Christmas, but I don't so much love Christmas shopping. Don't get me wrong. I love to shop. I just don't love all the crowds or the fact that stores are opening so early on Thanksgiving that we're going to have to serve a holiday brunch so we can make it to the sales. (We are not doing that. We are eating dinner and enjoying family time).  If you want to get a great value without braving the black Friday sales, try one of the fashion favorites for under $20.

1). V-Neck Cardigan, H&M, $17.95: I have a few H&M Cardigans that have held up for over 6 years. These new ones come in 11 colors and sizes 2 to 14. Chances are you could get a different one for every fashionable friend on your list.
2). Mini Travel Straightener, Amazon, $14.99: I have one of these and I love if for travel or even day to night looks. It heats up fast for quick fixes on blown away bangs or wayward ringlets, and the heat proof pouch lets you stash it your bag while it's still hot.
3). Foldable Flats, Essentialapparel.com. $14.90: These metallic shoes come in three colors and stash away in a little zippered pouch. They are great for holiday parties when you need to kick off your high heels and perfect for winter months when you need to leave wet boots at the door but don't want to trot around barefoot. Plus these flats come in four sizes (rather than just three like most brands) to fit shoe sizes 5 through 11.  (continued below)
Favorites to Give or Recieve: Gift Ideas Under $20

4). NARS Nail Polish, Sephora, $18: I received some NARS polish last Christmas and realized why there was so much buzz about high end polish--it applies and wears perfectly. I would have a hard time spending $18 on polish for myself, but it would make a great gift.
5). Modal Pajama Pants, Target, $16.99: Nothing is more comfy than my modal PJ pants, fuzzy slippers, big sweatshirt, hot cocoa and a book on a cold winter night.
6). Opaque Tights, Hue, $10.12 each or 2 for $16.50: I have many pairs of these tights thanks to clearance shopping and finds at T.J.Maxx and Marshalls. These durable tights are just the right weight and don't roll as the waistband. Plus, the come in 18 colors.
7). Eye Makeup Remover, Mary Kay, $15: This eye makeup remover is light years ahead of everything else on the market. I don't know how people can remove eye makeup without this stuff. I love it, and the $15 bottle will last for a long time.

What are your favorite fashion finds to give and receive?


Anonymous said…
Wow, some of these presents are things that I wouldn't have even thought about. And yes, I've learned over the years that with some things, you really get what you pay for. Few things are more annoying than skimping on something and finding out later that it was a total waste of money.


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