Fashionable Tech Gifts

Anyone who has read Fashion Me Fabulous for a while knows that we are nerds. As a nerd and blogger, I love gadgets. As a fashion blogger, I love, well, fashion. These gifts are perfect for the fashionable gadgets lovers in your life as they combine those two things.

1. USB Pyramid Bracelet, Juicy Couture, $34.99
As seen in image 1a, this looks like an ordinary and rather cool cuff bracelet. As seen in image 1b, this is actually a fashionable housing unit for a 4G USB drive. Form and function. Also, this USB drive will be much harder to lose than the one that used to be on my key chain.

2. Tech Touch Gloves, Target, $3
The link actually takes you to the online three pair set costing $9.99, but the store is selling them for $3 a pair which is a better deal and allows you to choose different colors. The finger and thumb of these gloves have conductive thread so you can use your phone, tablet and all the public touch screens like the ones on the ATM and self-checkout grocery lanes.
Fashionable Tech Gifts

3. Bow Earphone Jack Plug, Nordstrom, $8
When Jael and I went to Japan, I saw all sorts of adorable earphone jack plugs. While decorating your phone is not at all necessary, these are cute. I love bows, and this one is for my phone! Also, it keeps tiny mint fragments that have escaped their tin and getting stuck in your phone. (Jael, there is a bunny version).

4. Headphone Earmuffs, Target, $16.99
First of all, these are traditional earmuffs, which have become extremely hard to find in recent years. (I hate those pinch-y behind the head things, and the knit bands mess up my hair). These can just be earmuffs, or they can be headphones if you plug them into your phone/mp3 player. Want!

5. Ruffle Tech Gloves, Nordstrom, $36
These gloves also have conductive thread in the thumb and finger like the more affordable in #2. I have a pair like those above. They work great. I also have a bunch of much cuter gloves that I rarely wear because I can't answer my phone while wearing them. I suspect I am not the only one with this problem making these pretty ruffle gloves the perfect gift for a frustrated and fashion-savvy smart phone user.

What are your favorite tech/fashion gifts?


Anonymous said…
That bracelet is the first Juicy couture item I can recall wanting to own. Except their first perfume.


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