Etsy Shop of the Week: Le Petit Monkey

Shop: Le Petit Monkey

Why We Love It: This shop offers a lovely selection of pashmina scarves in solid colors and lovely paisleys. Unlike the pashmina-style scarves you see everywhere in stores, these are the real deal. They are made of a blend of silk and pashmina, which is a fine cashmere wool. They are soft, warm and durable. I have several authentic ones to which my cheap version just do not compare. Best of all these scarves cost about the same as many of the fake ones I've seen and come in almost any color you could imagine. You can even get a pashmina complete with gift wrap for $19.99. (pictured) Also, Le Petit Monkey will create custom pashmina sets for a bridal party or special occasion.

Price Range: $20 for solid scarves and $25 for paisley prints.

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Favorite Items:
Click through the slideshow below to see some or our favorites.

Pictured: Green/Burgundy paisley pashmina scarf $24.99; Coral Jacquard pattern pashmina scarf $19.99; Pink/Rose/Purple paisley pashmina scarf $24.99; Honey gold pashmina scarf $20; Blue-Green/Burgundy paisley pashmina scarf $24.99; Fall/Winter Greens Collection $19.99; Slate Grey Pashmina Scarf $19.99; Holiday Gift Set Pashmina $19.99 (pictured above)


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