Etsy Shop of the Week: GeekinOut

Shop: GeekinOut

Why We Love It: Jael Paris wrote about hats earlier this week, and we have well established our love for hats. When winter gets long and cold and grey, I like something with a bit of whimsy, which is why these geeky hats are the perfect winter pick-me-up.

Price Range: $5 - $40

Favorite Items: $
click through the slideshow below to see our favorites.

Pictured: Jayne Cobb's Earflap Hat from Firefly $25; Shark Earflap Hat $30; Jack Skellinton Earflap Hat $25; Cthulhu Ski Mask Hat $40; Spartan/Trojan Earflap Hat $30; Moose Eaflap Hat $25; Viking Earflap Hat $30; Viking Earflap Hat $30; Storm Trooper Hat $25; Strawberry Hat $25; My Neighbor Totoro Hat $25; Perry the Platypus Earflap Hat $30; Princess Leia Earflap Hat $30; Domo Hat $25
Pictured above:  R2D2 Hat $25


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