We Love Color...A Lot

If I had to pick a goal for Fashion Me Fabulous, it would be to get women over their fear of color. Not that there's anything wrong with a little black dress or a navy suit (khakis, however, are a different matter); but I've had a staggering amount of conversations with women who are either convinced they can't wear most colors, or they are afraid of combining colors.
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I've espoused my love or orange, of pink, and of yellow with black. I've demonstrated why teal is a neutral. I've given tips on wearing red pants, pastel pants, and yellow pants. I've given tips on how to wear color families, pastel palettes, neon, reliable color combinations,  and fresh combos for the daring. Each year we try to feature a rainbow of coats, boots, shoes and dresses for our fellow colorists out there.

What colors should I cover from here?


Rachel said…
As a real-life friend of becca and Jael, I can attest to their bold use of color in their own wardrobes! And I love it!

Demonstrating color combinations is always a good idea. Give options for subtle use of bold colors with neutrals/muted tones or combinations of two or more bold colors. Maybe you've talked about it before, but we learn from repetition ;)

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