Teal Is The Best

Teal is generally sold as a summer color, but I love it year 'round. In fact, teal and burgundy are my favorite neutrals. Yes, neutral. From the bright to darker ends of the spectrum, I consider the shade a wardrobe staple.

Teal can be cute and happy.
Cherry Flavored

It can be mixed seamlessly with fall colors.
Orange Cognac

Walking to Class

It adds a bright pop to a staid outfit.

Alternately, for an unexpected style, you can mix it with neon which makes the teal look very basic.
Neon Fall


Jennifer Wells said…
And this is why you are running a freaking sweet fashion blog and I am not.
Jael Paris said…
Fret not, Nora. You have evenings.
Catie D. said…
I love this color pair with a bright red. Best color combo ever =D
Anonymous said…
The teal dress would be so cute on Taylor Swift. I love how 60s style is coming back!
Anonymous said…
What brand is teal dress? Thinking of buying that... so cute!
Rachel said…
My favorite neutrals are teal, mustard, and plumb :) Bonus: they all look great together!
I love teal. I would have never thought to pair it with red. That set is absolutely fab!!
Jael Paris said…
The dress is from Top Shop but it's out of stock. I can look for others.
Jennifer Wells said…
"Fret not, Nora. You have evenings."

I really don't. Rush. : (

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