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Friday, February 26, 2010

Pale on Pale

Pastels and soft colors are the thing for spring. Here's what Polyvorians are doing with the trend.


becca said...

I love the pale on pale trend. Sadly, I look ill when I wear too much pale pastel.

I want to try this though. I think it will work best if I put warm soft pinks by my face and avoid any skin-tone fabrics.

Lucy said...

OH! Those colors made me greaming, I LOVE !!!

Lucy said...

sorry for the previous message, too much faults, I am a french speaker :-)
I meant:
These colors make me dream

LyddieGal said...

Pastels have been out of my closet for so long, but these sets are making me want them back - pronto!

Jael Paris said...

Lucy, I assumed greaming was slang I'd never heard before. If you can write in two languages, you're doing much better than me!