Wearing Pink

My sister-in-law does not wear pink. She finds it too girly, and from a woman who doesn't do ruffles and bows, un-girly is to be expected. becca and I love pink. Not only do we love its inherent femininity, but it also makes us look lively and healthy. If you're more like my sister-in-law, here are some non-girly ways to wear pink.

When trying anything new to your style, start small. Pink accessories are a toe in the water. Below is a very classic look in navy and grey accented with a pink scarf, a pink ring and pink lipstick. Still very classy and adult.

Pink, Navy, Grey

For work, bypass a ruffled blouse for a masculine cut dress shirt. The leather trim on this one is an especially nice touch. With flats and a blazer, this is a serious business look.

At Work

If you want to do a casual pink, there's always the option of toughing it up with black and leather details. Bright pink is great for this as the color's a wee bit aggressive.


If that's a little too Hot Topic, try wearing blush -- pink's afterthought -- with your favorite bright color. In this case the pink will act as more of a neutral than as a color.

Cute & Cozy

If you're worried about looking too girly in pink, try wearing it with brown. I promise if you ask anyone to name the three girliest colors they can think of, they'll never say brown. It's rich and earthy, so it grounds the pink and doesn't give it the high-maintenance chic gloss black can. (Pink and brown is actually one of my favorite color combinations, mostly because it makes me think of a chocolate shop.)

Chocolate Swirl

Suit Up


Jennifer Wells said…
I love pink because it's such a warm, soft color. I do prefer pale pinks over flesh-eating Barbie doll pink.
becca said…
I went through a long anti-pink period. I got out-pinked as a kid. (I think this happens to a lot of girls). I shut down all pink for years. In fact, a lot of people still think I hate it and are surprised to see me wearing it now that I've had plenty of time to detox from childhood.

A pair of vivid pink sandals marked my return to pink. They were too pricy to buy, but they made me fall in love with pink all over again...ahh the power of shoes!

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