Trusty Color Combinations

I'm so proud of my mother-in-law. She's branching into color. She bought a teal purse. She's been wearing a red scarf. And last time we went shopping, she found a hot pink blazer that fits her like a dream. That's a long way from wondering if black and white go together.

One of the best things I've heard from our readers is that Fashion Me Fabulous helped them get over their fear of color. They've stopped second guessing and started enjoying being bright and bold. If you're still worried about color, here are some road-tested combinations to amp up your look.

Orange and blue are an unexpected color combination for most people, but they really go great together. A while back, FMF readers voted blue as the dominant color in their wardrobes. A few or even one orange accessory can take a typical outfit in a bold new direction. The same can be said for blue and yellow.

Let The Sun Shine In

For an autumnal palette, look no further than the October trees -- rich browns, a range or orange, gold and mustard, crimson and burgundy. These natural hues can be supplemented with hunter green, navy or aubergine.

Cool is Coming

Red, white and blue doesn't need to be patriotic or nautical. Throw in a print or some black to mix things up. You can also limit the color to accessories like a white suit with blue heels and a red bag.

Pastels are fool-proof. I can't think of a way that ballet pink, sea green, pale blue, lilac and chick yellow could clash.

Pale Summer


Susanelle said…
Oh, these are all lovely... each and every one.
Fanya said…
omg! That pale pink helmet! I only drive a car but I want that...
Women Magazine said…
This is gorgeous and so chick, i love the colors and accessories.

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