How To Wear Neon Without Looking Like a Teen

A friend of ours asked how she, a married mother of two, can wear neon without looking either like a reject of the 80s or like the teenager she's not.

Put neon to work. Wear your neon with your most conservative office attire -- a suit, a button down, a sheath dress.

Suited for Neon

Professional Neon

Make it retro. If you don't want to look 80s retro, try to look 50s or 60s retro. Which leads me to my next point...

Retro Neon

Be a lady. Ruffles, lace, peplums and other romantic details provide contrast to the harsh nature of neon. One of my favorite ways to wear the trend is a neon cami under a black lace tank.

Neon and Mushroom

Avoid the hyper-casual. If you want to avoid looking like a teenager, don't wear your trendy neon with the same casual clothes a teenager would wear -- sneakers, torn jeans, graphic tees.


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