Yellow and Black

Without realizing it, I've developed a new color obsession. While flipping through my recent Polyvore sets, I noticed that I like to pair edgy black clothes with bright yellow. The trend seems to be sharp shapes or bold cuts with layers of beige and grey, but I just can't do that. When I experiment with clothes, I'm happy, so the outfit needs a happy color. And what better color can fight off black's serious face than yellow?


Susanelle said…
Love these outfits! But I'm commenting because they made me think of a little outfit "rule" I think I heard once (or maybe just made up): every outfit should have a shot of black somewhere... i.e., a belt or a watchstrap if not a whole piece (like a skirt or a cami). Agree or disagree?
Jael Paris said…
Completely disagree. Having a base color for a bright outfit can be a good idea, but black isn't the only neutral you can do that with. If you're colorful outfit falls into certain themes (spring pastels, jewel tones, primary colors, etc) it's easy to drop the neutral all together.

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