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Marc Jacobs was the best of New York.

180 and 360: Last week's episode or Project Runway was recapped late, but you probably didn't miss much with the boring fashion. This week, Project Runway did a 180 and finally tackled some interesting fashion, but nothing on there was nearly as fascinating as these cityscape rings that let you see the world in 3D and 360 degrees on your fingers.

Shopping: We've found darling handmade moccasins on Etsy. Hopefully the cute moccasins make up for these horrifying boot/sandal things. We also shopped for affordable black lace items.

The Fashion Weeks have begun and this week we're tackling NYC. Check out the shows we've covered so far, and weigh in on the runway beauty in this week's poll.


Yvette said…
Great blog! I've read a few posts here today, and wanted to leave at least one comment. I'll be back!

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