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Friday, September 17, 2010

New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Chris Benz
What it made us think of: Remember when you were a teenager raiding the boxes of your mom's old clothes? Do you remember the mess you made? Chris Benz does.
What we liked: Color!!! tassel belts, fall colors, a 60s vibe
What we didn't: When the looks leaned 70s, they went off track. Proof. Also vile: knee-high hose.
Who: Ohne Titel
What it made us think of: Gym class for fashion nerds.
What we liked: leather trim, blue
What we didn't: cargo pockets that will awkwardly engorge most bodies
What it made us think of: Water and sailing.
What we liked: round sunglasses, interestingly woven skirts, calm
What we didn't: boring gowns (save the one pictured)

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museplay said...

Love the designers and pictures you chose! Love the Chris Benz color, cute silhouettes and awesome details!