The Horror: Shearling Sandal

One perplexing trend keeps puttering on despite all logic: open-toed boots. I can't imagine shuffling along in the cold months, my feet and legs encased in wind-breaking leather with a hole pre-made for speeding up the process of frostbite. So I shouldn't be surprised by this shearling sandal. Of course, women want their feet and toes to breathe while keeping their shins as toasty as possible. Perhaps it's just an elaborate $950 ruse to get out of shaving.


Fanya said…
I guess people are getting it more for the wow/huh? factor than looking pretty. along similar line, I love this pair of sandal. I think it's straws and not furs, which actually fit the summery image and is better I think:

I can see peep-toe boots as a fall look. And some of them looks pretty bad-ass, or at least I thought so when I bought these:

I wear/treasure them, but I also vowed never to spend >$100 on a pair of shoes again after buying them. =X
Anonymous said…
Haha! Loved your last line.

Fashion is so crazy sometimes! Definitely a no for me. Ick!
Anonymous said…
It's the embrace your inner hobbit look!

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