New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Temperley London
What it made us think of: Guinevere in the 1970s with some edge.
What we liked: Harnesses, metallics, ruffles, lace, sweaters that look like chain-mail, bead work, bags, long dresses
What we didn't: That I won't be able to afford one of those cool harness pieces.

Who: Tibi
What it made us think of: A collection inspired by buyers
What we liked: Laser cut fabrics, pretty dresses
What we didn't: The toning down of Tibi's typical quirky cute for a more laid-back, easy-to-sell look; too minimalistic

Who: Bensoni
What it made us think of: The seventies if they had been removed to their own jungle planet in another galaxy. (But not quite as exciting as that sounds).
What we liked: Long, flowing, pretty things
What we didn't: Some pieces didn't flow or chopped up the body. Missed some of Bensoni's fun and girlishness from the past.
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