New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Marc Jacobs
What it made us think of: The seventies. (Thank you for not choosing minimalism, Marc.)
What we liked: Flower belts, color, wide-leg pants, long dresses, big hats, pretty prints
What we didn't: Slits up to there, circle lace/mesh stuff, pasties on the outside, sheer by itself (but styled right it would be nice).
Who: Marc by Marc Jacobs
What it made us think of: The seventies by way of the forties
What we liked: Prints, bright colors, long dresses, pants, one-piece bathing suit, blouses
What we didn't: Briefs style shorts, the menswear, which looked sloppy by comparison
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Anonymous said…
can i just say that i am SO ready for the big hair. yes, yes, yes! finally. :D (oh and of course i love sir jacobs). xx

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