New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Proenza Schouler
What it made us think of: Someone's vying to dress the first lady, but they don't know which decade they want to do it in.
What we liked: Proenza let the models wear bras. Tweed!
What we didn't: hip belts that threw off proportion, ugly jewelry, poorly placed rufflesWho: Juan Carlos Obando
What it made us think of: What you wear when you go to a fancy cocktail party in a burn-out building.
What we liked: the smeared dye finish, peplums, bright colors,
What we didn't: the ratty first look, hip cut-outsWho: Alice + Olivia
What it made us think of: 70s + nerd + prom
What we liked: neon orange lips, pink, a gold brocade cropped jacket worn casually,
What we didn't: matching your belt to your lipstick, open-toed boots, tube tops

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Fanya said…
Ok, I love the blouse from the 3rd look in your Proenza Schouler...which led me to realize how INCREDIBLY SKINNY that model is!

I love runway pictures, but this is the first time I couldn't concentrate on the clothe due to how skinny the model is. Did you notice her sunken cheeks? this might be rude but my first thought was holocaust survivor.

I've never paid much attention to designers not hiring model cuz they are too skinny, but...I hurt just looking at her...

/end of rant
Jael Paris said…
Bones have been protruding in certain images that I refuse to post. It's sad.

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