City At Your Fingers

My roommate just returned to Japan after a 10-day trip to Yangon, Myanmar and confessed that she can't travel without falling in love with a place and leaving part of her heart in it. I know the feeling, having had my own heart stolen and broken by both Paris and China.

Jeweler Philippe Touraire is catering to those afflicted with wanderlust with his latest collection of rings. His architecture collection boasts compacted monuments and skylines of New York, Dubai and Paris. Rings with an Asian influence generally feature one stunning building at a time. If your travel plans are more relaxed, there is also a line of jeweled villages and walled cities.I can't read French, but I recognize the word platinum and four figures. For that price, I can just visit Paris again, but that doesn't make these sculptural rings any less fun to site-see.


Miriam said…
What a unique collection of rings..I want a city on my finger as well :) Great blog! Visit my new photoblog if you have time. Have a wonderful day!

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