New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Carolina Herrera
What it made us think of: Grandma teaching her hot grand-daughter how to garden.
What we liked: lovely prints, the few tight dresses and low necklines to attract the under 40 crowd
What we didn't: The oddly chosen Korean elements (the way the pants were tied, the hats) didn't fit the show.Who: Jen Kao
What it made us think of: Hippie genies in the 90s.
What we liked: strong shoulder jackets, lace, flounced shorts, texture to fill the loss of color, moss
What we didn't: crop tops, macrame
Who: Malandrino
What it made us think of: Rich women who work an organic co-op after yoga.
What we liked: flowing pants, loose blouses
What we didn't: Macrame abuse! (Not pictured here for your own visual safety.)

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Laura said…
Love the first dress in Carolina Herrera! But you are right, the hats are a no go!
Unknown said…
Carolina Herrera´s prints are beautiful :)
xoxo fashion geek

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