Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Roberto Cavalli
What it made us think of: How much we love it when Cavalli deviates for the overtly sexy, barely there, hyper-print clothes in favor of simpler, more ladylike, chic.
What we liked: Pants, AWESOME Pants, flowing dresses, flowing dresses over pants, fun lining in the jackets
What we didn't: really frumpy jumpsuits
Who: Just Cavalli
What it made us think of: Early 90s
What we liked: Rocker jackets, vests, print mini dresses
What we didn't: Dingy slips as dresses, overdone fringe, awkward sheer pieces, rehashed 90s grunge
Who: Moschino
What it made us think of: Girliness whether in solid, dark neutrals or in bright, over-the-top prints
What we liked: Some of the playful prints, nice tailored navy looks for spring
What we didn't: The overboard print mixing, the fact that the show didn't fit together very well
Who: Moschino Cheap & Chic
What it made us think of: Pushing Daisies goes on a picnic (an for a brief moment a picnic in bizarro world).
What we liked: Ruffles, polka-dots, daisy prints, black-white-red color combination
What we didn't: Jumpsuits in a huge daisy print are a bit much, as are ducks on rompers and a few other really strange pieces.

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Anonymous said…
I was wondering if I could use one of your images for a school project. The only person other than me that will see it would be my teacher. I would cite your work. Please reply through my most recent blog post or my email. Thanks!

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