FMF Fall Nails

Each season, fashionistas take note of what nail color the runway models are wearing so they too can be of the moment. We think if you're using someone's nail polish to judge how fashionably with it someone is, you've been drinking the Kool-Aide too long.

I tend to pick a color for the season and stick with it. For two summers my nails have been navy, and last winter they were hot pink. This fall, I'm loving forest green. First, I haven't thought of forest green since it was uber popular when I was in middle school (over ten years ago). Second, I'm so enamored with fall colors right now, orange especially, that dark green would be the perfect accent to my attire.

If you stuck with one nail color this season, what would it be?


kylsie said…
I went to go buy navy blue a few weeks ago, but all the navys they had were middle school iridescent. So I picked up chocolate brown instead. My mother wrinkled her nose, but I thought it was really pretty.
becca said…
I have a dark, emerald green that I love right now and a blue-ish purple. However, since I wore lilac all summer, I might wear last summer's fav, "Juicy Tomamto," this fall. It won't clash with the purples and greens I've been wearing.

Kylsie, I want to try chocolate brown. That sounds interesting.
.:*aMbAr*:. said…
I love the dark green for your nails trend this Fall. I already tried it. Take a lookie

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