Boyfriend Blazers

For a while, every jacket you could buy was cropped. Now things have swung the other way with blazers long enough to be mistaken for your boyfriend's. I love these jackets. They're a great, casual way to work nicer items into your every day wardrobe. Layer them over your date dresses or a sequin top with jeans. Roll up the sleeves and let your dress shirt hang out.

You may have some concerns about wearing a boyfriend jacket if your petite or have wide hips. Fear not; I'm both. If you're petite, be conscious of where it hits your shoulders so it doesn't swallow you. If you have wide hips, buy a jacket that sits just below them so it doesn't draw attention to your widest part. Resist the urge to buy a slightly fitted one as well.Top: burgundy corduroy blazer, Newport News $29
rolled sleeve blazer, Lord & Taylor $98
plaid blazer, Newport News $39
Bottom: studded blazer, Arden B $78
pale peach blazer, Top Shop $125
double breasted, BB Dakota at Chick Down Town $92
navy velvet, Top Shop $170


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