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Monday, September 28, 2009

Boyfriend Blazers

For a while, every jacket you could buy was cropped. Now things have swung the other way with blazers long enough to be mistaken for your boyfriend's. I love these jackets. They're a great, casual way to work nicer items into your every day wardrobe. Layer them over your date dresses or a sequin top with jeans. Roll up the sleeves and let your dress shirt hang out.

You may have some concerns about wearing a boyfriend jacket if your petite or have wide hips. Fear not; I'm both. If you're petite, be conscious of where it hits your shoulders so it doesn't swallow you. If you have wide hips, buy a jacket that sits just below them so it doesn't draw attention to your widest part. Resist the urge to buy a slightly fitted one as well.Top: burgundy corduroy blazer, Newport News $29
rolled sleeve blazer, Lord & Taylor $98
plaid blazer, Newport News $39
Bottom: studded blazer, Arden B $78
pale peach blazer, Top Shop $125
double breasted, BB Dakota at Chick Down Town $92
navy velvet, Top Shop $170


becca said...

I adore the studded blazer. I had previously decided I would only buy boyfriend-style blazers at the thrift store where they are both common and cheap, but this one is so cute I kind of want to buy new.

astridland said...

I hope I saved my favorite vintage find!

alana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

It's a toss up. LOVE the BB Dakota from it is the perfect piece to transition from Fall to Winter at such an incredible price! Adore the detailing on the studded jacket from Arden B. . .Looks like I will be flipping a coin.

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