Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Dolce & Gabbana
What it made us think of: Speakeasies operated by matadors and black widows
What we liked: Suits, fringe, cocktail dresses, raw sex appeal, lace
What we didn't: Some of the shoes gave the models fin feet, florals that in the high-to-low fashion trickle down will look like a 90s couch, granny panties as pants
Who: Fendi
What it made us think of: Air
What we liked: Dress shirts, tulip skirts, ankle wrap shoes, brace-like belts, cute lingerie (but please, celebrities, don't wear show us your panties)
What we didn't: Again, rough frayed seams. This will bet you booted from Project Runway, Karl!
Who: Marni
What it made us think of: There be pirate cleaning ladies.
What we liked: Striped pants, head scarves
What we didn't: Socks with sandals, disappointing jewelry from a house known for it, more couch florals
Who: Etro
What it made us think of: Great collection for the casual, corporate woman to wear on her own a tropical island.
What we liked: Simple sandals, prints, relaxed fits, tassels, 1970s
What we didn't: Some of the relaxed pieces bordered on sloppy

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Marina said…
love fendi collection!!


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