I had a 1960s crest charm bracelet as a kid that I wish I'd kept. It was heavy and aged. Teenage me didn't think it went with anything, but adult me would have scrubbed it clean and worn it all the time. They have old world charm without being dainty, and the intrinsic air of propriety is just demanding to be played around with.
Topish: crest earrings, Moxsie $32
mesh belt bracelet, Banana Republic $36
skull crest, Torrid $8.98
Bottom area: colorful charm bracelet, Mod Cloth $17.99
colorful crest pendant, Mod Cloth $11.99
black and gold charm bracelet, Liz Claiborne $45
earring set, G by Guess $12.50
carved cameo pendant, Forzieri $296

But the best crests for the money are vintage. The crests above are made up at random, but vintage crests belong to schools, associations, families and cities. Of course, they don't have to mean anything to the wearer, but what a great way to show off something you love. (Now that I think about it, I should splurge on the Paris crest bracelet at the antique store. Yes, yes I will.)
Top: rhinestone brooch, Mat To The Past $44.95
10k gold crest ring, R Walsh 111 $90
enamel brooch, Vintage Eye Fashion $16 (FMF pick!)
Bottom: clip on earrings, CMYK $16
heavy necklace, Part Deux $22
crest button necklace, Annie's Wearable Art $52


FashionTouch said…
Oh, I love those bracelets. I just got myself one with hearts of yellow and white gold. So pretty and cute!

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