Save or Splurge: Accessorizing Accessories

Hello Kitty ipod caseIn the age of sleek electronics, portable laptops, must-have cell phones and other gadgets that need skins, cases, protectors and baubles, accessorizing your accessories is definitely in. I'll be the first to put a case over any future iPod I purchase. My first one looks like a truck ran over it (but still works!). My current iPod has only been out of it's case a handful of times so I could clean the case. It looks like it did the day I got it, but it doesn't look any cuter.

My laptop is getting pretty scratched up so I wish I had purchased a cover for it. I'm contemplating this pretty pink (I'd get purple or red though) cover my friend had on her MacBook when I saw it the other day. It's cute, but it costs a little more than the cheap clear or less vibrantly colored covers.

I dropped my cell phone a couple weeks ago and gave the pretty purple finish it's first nick. I don't want to cover of my cute phone with an ugly black cover so I'd like to buy it a cute case, which costs a little more.

If there are cheap cute cases for my electronics, they usually sacrifice a lot of protection. My iPod could have been wearing some like the cute Hello Kitty case pictured. I actually paid a little more for my case, which is rubberized on the sides with a super hard, locking shell. It took a nasty fall, but nothing happened to it. In the cute case it would have died for sure. In a way I guess I splurged, but not for style because a stylish and functional case would have cost a ton.

Aside from cases there are also skins, decals and other decorations that don't come cheap. I can't bring myself to spend money on personalizing my electronics like that. Any decor on my laptop would have to be free or a gift. This is a major save for me.

Do you save or splurge on cute trappings for your electronics? Would you rather it be cute or functional? Do you spend for both?


kylsie said…
This one is tricky. I think this is a bit more of a splurge for me. But what usually happens is I hem and haw and can't find a case cute enough. Then I give up and never get one.
JiaoJiao said…
Splurges are not worth it. Laptops, cell, and most electronics will lag/malfunction and therefore needs to be replaced every 3-4 years.

I'm not willing to spend extra on something uneccessary on something that I will only keep for 3 yrs.

but then again, this is from an engineer/comp sci. Also, I enjoy putting a cutout print over the cover and use nail polish to make my own pretty cover.

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