The Horror: You Missed A Spot

These fringed knee high stockings threw me into hysterical fits of laughter. Not only will it look like you've missed shaving a line of your legs for decades, but they're also a ridiculous $69.99. (That's down from an even crazier $88.) If I really want this look, I can buy a spool of fringe from the craft store and get my glue on with a old pair of knee highs.


kylsie said…
I can see how the fringe would maybe move in an interesting and fun way when you walked. Maybe if it wasn't the color of human hair, but a bright color? Even if I was in love, I can't see paying more than $20 for these.
.:*aMbAr*:. said…
I believe the word "FUGLY" is appropriate.
Caitlin said…
O-Oh no...why would you want to look like you had a line of really long hair on the back of your legs???
Shoe Gal said…
That is downright awful! I'm all for fashion and some pretty crazy stuff, but this is just wrong, wrong, wrong!
Princess said…
WOW I ABSOLUTELY THINK THESE ARE HIDEOUS! I have included these in my "NO MORE FRINGE" photos at
I have been reading your blogs and absolutely love it and I got lost for hours just clicking away! Good job!
How do you do this all on your own??!?! You are my idol lol
becca said…

Thanks! We're glad you love the blog. And there are actually two of us (about to be three). That's how we keep it up. We'd be lost without each other!

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