London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Duro Olowu
What it made us think of: Shopping for wallpaper on a sugar rush
What we liked: The shoes, the coats, wallpaper prints, pickup skirts
What we didn't: The opening look did not live up to the rest of the collection
Who: Peter Pilotto
What it made us think of: Pictures of tweed
What we liked: Pleats, folds, tucks, softly structured hips and shoulders
What we didn't: Are those shorts or a bathingsuit?
Who: Basso & Brooke
What it made us think of: A friend's art show that featured paintings of layers of bottles.
What we liked: The prints
What we didn't: It couldn't top their stunning Fall collection. Some of the cuts won't work with breasts.

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kylsie said…
Duro Olowu: Pickup skirts and bright colors, oh my.

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