Editor's Pick of the Week: Perfect Satchel

This Bagtique Large Pleated Satchel from Nordstrom possesses both form and function. If you're anything like me, your purse has to function. I carry my purse everywhere so I need it to keep me organized. Sadly, most well-organized purses are ugly and most cute purses are an abyss inside where I will lose everything.

This bag is big enough to carry quite a bit, but not so large that it's too big to carry all the time. Features like the removable canvas strap, interior divider and pockets, and zip closure make it easy to carry a lot, keep it organized, and keep everything in the purse (I lose things if my purse doesn't zip shut).

This cute bag comes in purple (pictured), black, brown, green and mustard. It costs $148.


Jael Paris said…
Ooh! It's my perfect bag! Love the purple.
becca said…
It's my perfect bag as well. (Purple is obviously my choice color). Hmmm...I sense our wardrobes getting even more similar by the second....

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