Fashion Week SS 2013: Edgy and Alien

We're really big nerds. You probably gathered that from all of our posts about Firefly, comic book characters, and Doctor Who. In fact, I've made it a goal to reference Star Trek every fashion week. Trouble is, the costumes in Star Trek (the television show in particular) are terrible. In the future, females on every planet in every quadrant of space will wear monochrome ensembles. Dye-to-match shoes will be all the rage in space. Mammalian, reptilian, avian and more species will all have the same aesthetic despite their wildly different physiologies, environments, and customs.

I am not a scientist or anthropologist. I have never met an alien. However, I have a crazy idea that if (when?) we ever encounter extra terrestrials, they won't wear grey jumpsuits. Maybe, like humans all over the world, their attire will say something about their culture, social roles, and values.

While becca and I looked through all the fashion shows for the upcoming season, we took note of all the more avant garde designs, the things that make people say, "Who would wear that?" Then we tried to answer the question. If these clothes came from aliens, what would it say about them? Scroll through to find out!


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