Project Runway All Stars Season 3 Episode 3 in 3 Thoughts

1. We are getting some insight into how the judges score the designers. Designs are ending up in the bottom that were ranked high by some of the judges. Some designs are ending up on top that should only be safe while some safe designs should earn higher spots. This always happens, but this season the judges keep commenting on it. It's fascinating to realize these decisions aren't unanimous and the way things score doesn't always let the best clothes win the best spot.

2. I didn't think cocktails were the most interesting style inspiration, but cocktail dresses aren't always the most interesting thing to look at. Thankfully, these all stars took it to the next level. (Click through the slideshow to see the looks. Places are listed below each look).

3. I'm glad Viktor's very unique dress won. I had other favorites, but some of them were safe. I also like when the judges reward taking chances. As for Melissa's loss, I'm OK with it. I'm worried about what has become of Jefferey's skills (are the later seasons of Runway better than we thought?), but I'm not ready to see him go home. Melissa was doing the same old stuff from her season that got her eliminated last time.

What did you guys think of the top, bottom and safe designers?


Rachel said…
I had other favorites, but the winner was at least cool and different. I liked the back.

It was Melissa's time to go.

Oh Jeffrey... what are we going to do with you?

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