Pick of the Week: The Perfect Black Skirt

Mod Cloth has named this skirt "Essential Elegance." I just bought this full circle skirt in black an am planning to also purchase it in red, green, and white. It's the perfect weight for staying cozy with leggings when the cold blasts, yet the cotton is breathable enough for all but the hottest summer days. The fabric is heavy so it retains a nice shape. The two-layer construction keep underwear hidden. The high waist is so flattering and great at hiding bloaty days. I am 5'4", and the hem hits right above my calf. It's a great length for work. Yes, the skirt is $70, and will probably be so unless you can procure a Mod Cloth coupon. If you've been looking for the perfect everyday, full skirt with a vintage vibe, you can't go wrong with this.


Jennifer Wells said…
I would like to see more of the skirt itself. It's a little hidden by the model's sweater. It sounds lovely, though.
Jael Paris said…
There are several pictures from different angles on the website.
Jennifer Wells said…
In this instance the term "facepalm," says it all.

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