Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week: Weekend Casual

One of my few personal fashion rules is to never wear a t-shirt and jeans together. It just feels like the uniform of American weekends, and I'm not one for accidental uniforms. The truth is, anything can be causal if you style it right. An over-the-top frilly dress goes from prom night to hang out night with scuffed biker boots, a denim jacket, and a messy braid. Silk pants trade the work week's blouse and heels for oxfords and an over-sized burnout tee. Hmm, this smells like an upcoming style post. While you wait for that, here are some of Fashion Week's looks that we want to wear on Saturdays. (Surprise, there are a lot of dresses because, well, it's us.)


Jennifer Wells said…
I took my three-year-old to an indoor playground a few weeks ago. I noticed that there was, indeed, a uniform among moms and that I've worn it, too:


slim jeans


a big scarf

I can see why this evolved. A scarf is great for "I'm too cold/okay, now I'm too hot."

Jeans look okay (certainly nicer than sweatpants) and you won't freak out when your kid spills yogurt on you.

Boots look nice but are comfortable and durable.

A blazer makes you look a bit more pulled-together.

Alternatives (especially those suited for winter) are always appreciated!

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